Hello - my name is Pascale Rentsch, the Artist and Ceramicist.

"Nothing gives me more pleasure than my work being used and enjoyed by you, to make your day just that little bit more special; for you to enjoy pouring out milk from one of my small handmade jugs when having a cup of tea by yourself or with a friend. Perhaps arranging a bunch of flowers in one of my handmade vases. Slow Living, appreciating little things which ultimately makes life more beautiful and precious."

I design and make bespoke tableware and home decor bringing 'Nature into your Home Living'. My work is inspired by the natural world around me. My drawings and paintings of the Fauna, Flora and landscape combine to make my ceramic pieces unique and individual. The original imagery used in my ceramic pieces are from my observations, painted directly from Nature out on location in the great outdoors from many different locations, ranging from where I live to Skye, Mull, Islay and my homeland Switzerland. I also love to incorporate natural materials such as willow and wood to give my pieces a beautiful and original appearance.

All my ceramics are made in my studio in the historic market town of Haddington, East Lothian, Scotland. Most of my ceramic pieces are a one-off, making each piece individual and special.

I am extremely passionate about my Art. I feel free and happy when I draw, paint and create with clay and have a true connection with myself and the Natural World around me. I create instinctively and follow feelings rather than worked out thoughts.

" The Hills that I walk, the peak that I conquer - step by step, breath by breath. On top of the world. Arms wide open as to fly like the eagle gliding like the king above our mighty hills."

Pascale Rentsch


I love the fact that wherever I am in nature, I know I will always find something beautiful, something that touches me however small it might appear.

I have an overwhelming love, admiration and fascination for nature.To see a beautifully presented seaweed composition washed up at a beach and gently arrange by the rhythmic clash of the waves, moves me deeply. Nothing to be changed or added but to capture this intense beauty that nature has created. I hear the gentle sound of the waves in the background whilst I draw and paint in awe of what I see. I am free and happy, that's me - Pascale Rentsch.